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Anah and Amelia's journey to nursery

When they were born, both of the twins were healthy; Anah was 5 lb 4 oz (2.38 kg) and Amelia was slightly heavier, at 6 lb 2 oz (2.78 kg). Amelia loves her food and we always joked that she had been taking Anah's share in the womb!

At three months, we were given the bad news that Amelia had to have treatment for Talipes; this had been presented as mild at birth (Talipes is a deformity of the foot in which one or both feet are twisted out of shape or into the wrong position). The Talipes involved visiting hospital to have plaster casts moulded onto both legs to ease her legs and feet outwards. Every week we made the journey back to the hospital to have the old casts removed and new ones put on. This was a stressful time and very traumatic for Amelia who still flinches if anyone tried to touch her legs or feet. Months of visits to hospital and endless feeding and nappy changes became part of our daily routine.

Although the journey to this stage has been very hard work, our girls bring us joy every minute of the day that we are with them. (We never call them 'twins' so it seems strange to write that here). Anah and Amelia are so different in personality and character that they have been treated like two completely different children since the day they were born. Anah is the boisterous one, she definitely leads and her personality is carefree and laid back. She eats when she feels like it and sleeps (or doesn't!) whenever (whenever or wherever?) the mood takes her. Amelia is our more 'serious' twin, she is quite reserved and shy. She will only approach someone when she is sure they are 'safe' and if mummy has been talking to them for a while. She loves routine, consequently she sleeps and eats like clockwork!

It has been very rewarding to see the twins develop day by day. I think I notice the changes and compare them more because they are two children growing up at the same time. The girls like to dress up (see photo), play with Lego and absolutely love colouring, drawing and reading. They also enjoy playing with their big sister Alisha, who is now aged 7.
Anah and Amelia

Now the twins have turned two and a half they have started nursery. It was a difficult beginning but we are really proud that Anah and Amelia have made it. It has been quite traumatic - for the girls and for me! We are approaching two weeks now and the crying has died down considerably, the girls are settled and they both look forward to 'School Day' every week.

We feel that it's really important to take part in studies such as Gemini. There is so much to learn from the many different twins out there. It is reassuring to know that studies such as this one will inform and educate the professionals and relevant bodies, thus helping to guide parents of twins through this amazing journey.

Anah and Amelia Amelia and Anah in the snow,
on their first day to Nursery!