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The Joy of Twins.

The Gemini team have their very own set of twins the same age as yours; you may have spotted a picture of them already on the website (hint: it's on the Gemini team page). Manon is the sister of Ellen van Jaarsveld (Gemini study co-ordinator), this is her story about the joys of raising Oscar and León.

twins sleeping

Being a mum of twins definitely has changed my life. I used to be an anonymous person walking down the street and never stood out in a crowd. Since Oscar and Leon arrived those days are gone. The attention I get with two boys riding happily in their big stroller is endless.

In the past year, I have found myself talking, like never before, to complete strangers, answering their many and varied questions.

In Tesco people ask me "Does twins run in your family?"...

In the bakery folk I have never met before ask me: "Natural or IVF?"...

A lady in the street enquires: "identical or not?"...

When complete strangers ask me these kinds of questions I am surprised and wonder "why they are interested in this?" and "what is so important about these things?"

Every time I answer their questions, I think about all the fantastic things I could tell them about Oscar and Leon if only I were asked the right question.

So now I just share my stories with anybody that shows an interest in my twins. I tell them funny little stories that happened that day, like how León's first word was mountain, and that Oscar's new favourite game is peek-a-boo. I really enjoy sharing these special moments with anyone who wants to chat to me about the twins. It brings me joy every day.

Being a twin must be great fun; just watching them is fantastic. Over time, I have learned to enjoy my new status as a twin mother. It's hard work but I refuse to believe the people who say it only gets harder. In my experience every day is more fun and less work.