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We are in the process of collecting DNA samples from all the Gemini children

This is so that we can look for specific genes that influence appetite and growth. It will also help us to identify if the twins taking part in our study are genetically identical or fraternal (non-identical). Read our story to discover why it is not always easy to tell if twins started out as one egg or two (click here).

Raising twins is a challenge but a rewarding one. We'd love to hear more about your experiences coping with 2 toddlers.

Anah and Amelia's journey to nursery

A story about Anah and Amelia who are in the Gemini study, written by their mother (click here for her story).

Anah and Amelia Anah and Amelia

Coping, when 2 becomes 4

Lindsay, a Gemini mother, describes how her family was transformed by the unexpected arrival of her twins, James and Emily (click here for her story).

James, Emily and siblings

The Joy of Twins

The Gemini team have their very own set of twins the same age as yours; you may have spotted a picture of them already on the website (hint: it's on the Gemini team page). Manon is the sister of Ellen van Jaarsveld (Gemini study co-ordinator), click here for her story about the joys of raising Oscar and León.

twins sleeping