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The Gemini study was established by Professor Jane Wardle. Current members are Dr Clare Llewellyn, Dr Abigail Fisher, Dr Alison Fildes, Hayley Syrad, Andrea Smith and Moritz Herle.

We all work at the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre at University College London.

Spotlight on the Gemini Team:

Moritz Herle Moritz Herle:
My name is Moritz and I joined the Gemini team as a PhD Student in January 2015. During my PhD I will investigate the genetic and environmental influences on emotional eating and its impact on weight. Indulging in delicious food in times of stress and sadness has been suggested to be a crucial factor in developing weight problems. However, the reasons why individuals differ in emotional eating are unexplored and I hope that my research will find out more how emotional eating patterns develop. Understanding eating behaviours is important as it can inform us how people succeed in maintaining a healthy weight across their lifetime. The Gemini families have been fantastic in providing us researchers with information about the twins' weight and eating behaviours and I am very excited to be part of this group.
Jane Clare Abi Dr Alison Fildes Hayley Syrad  Andrea Smith