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How can I contact the Gemini Study Team?

Follow this link.

I have twins, can I join the Gemini Study?

The Gemini study has completed recruitment and has already collected baseline information. Unfortunately we are not recruiting any more families.

My family are a part of Gemini and we're moving home,
how can I let the Gemini team know?

Please use the change of details form - click here.

What is Gemini trying to find out?

Gemini families are providing us lots of valuable information to help us work out how babies grow, eat and play their way through childhood. We are especially interested in how nature (the characteristics we inherit from our parents) and nurture (our upbringing or home environment) play their part in the development of appetite and weight gain.

How long will Gemini go on for?

At the moment we plan to follow the Gemini families until the twins are 5 years old. But with all this valuable information it would be a shame not to find out what happens as the twins grow up, so we hope to be able to keep in touch and collect more information when the twins are older too.

How do we do it?

We are finding out how genes (nature) and the environment (nurture) affect growth by comparing identical twins and fraternal (non-identical) twins. Families have given us a wealth of information in questionnaires sent in the post and now we hope to stay in touch over the web too.

How does this help you?

If we can understand how and why some children differ in the way they grow we may be able to use this information to advise parents on how to help their children grow into healthy adults.

Can I find out about the results of the study?

We are currently at the stage of entering all of the information we have been sent. Once we have it entered we can start analysing it to answer some of the questions we have. When we have some results we will publish them in the newsletter and on the news pages of the website.


Can I do the questionnaire online?

Yes, follow this link to access the latest questionnaire.

What if I can't answer the question?

We hope that you will be able to answer each question. If you can't answer a question then feel free to contact us and we will try and help you. If you really can't answer a question then just move on to the next one.

How long will it take to complete a questionnaire?

Time is precious when you are taking care of young twins. Fortunately the 15 month questionnaire is much shorter than the baseline questionnaire. It shouldn't take much more than half an hour to go through the questions and answer them.

Why are the questionnaires so long?

We are trying to capture as much information possible about the kinds of things that affect child health and development. Unfortunately this means lots of questions for you to answer but they are all helping us find the secret to a healthy childhood.


How and when should I weigh my twins?

Please weigh your twins every 3 months, starting as soon as possible. Try to make sure your twins are wearing indoor clothes and no shoes. Set your scales to kilograms using the switch on the base and make sure you write down the measurement and the date it was taken, under your child's name on your growth chart. You will then be able to copy this information into the Gemini Questionnaires when you next complete one. You can also send height and weight measurements to the Gemini team directly by clicking here.

How and when should I measure my twins height?

Please read the instructions in your 'How to use the Gemini growth chart' leaflet (Follow this link) to learn how to attach your Growth Chart to the wall and begin measuring your twins' heights. Please record your twins' height every 3 months. You can then copy this information into the next Gemini Questionnaire you complete. You can also send height and weight measurements to the Gemini team directly by clicking here.

My weighing scales don't have any batteries, what should I do?

Batteries were supposed to come attached to the underside of your scales. If your scales came without batteries please contact us and we will arrange to have new ones sent to you.

My Growth chart has been ripped or lost, what should I do?

If your Growth chart has been lost or damaged please contact us and we will arrange to have new ones sent to you.